Package nu.xom.xinclude

nu.xom.xinclude supports XInclude processing of XOM documents and elements.



Class Summary
XIncluder Implements XInclude resolution as specified in XML Inclusions (XInclude) Version 1.0.

Exception Summary
BadEncodingAttributeException Indicates that the encoding attribute is not an EncName as defined in the XML specification, section 4.3.3, rule 81.
BadHrefAttributeException Indicates that an href attribute contains an illegal value, such as a URI with a fragment identifier, or a syntactically incorrect IRI.
BadHTTPHeaderException Indicates that an accept or accept-language attribute contains C0 control characters (including linefeed, tab, or carriage return) or non-ASCII characters.
BadParseAttributeException Indicates that the parse attribute has some value other than xml or text.
InclusionLoopException Indicates that an included document attempts to include itself or one of its ancestor documents, directly or indirectly.
MisplacedFallbackException Indicates that an xinclude:fallback element was found outside of an xinclude:include element.
NoIncludeLocationException Indicates that an xinclude:include element has neither an href attribute nor an xpointer attribute.
XIncludeException The generic superclass for all checked exceptions that may be thrown as a result of a violation of XInclude's rules.

Package nu.xom.xinclude Description

nu.xom.xinclude supports XInclude processing of XOM documents and elements. It is conformant to the final recommendation of XML Inclusions (XInclude) Version 1.0 including fallbacks, XPointer bare names, the accept and accept-language attributes, and the XPointer element() scheme.


Copyright 2002-2010 Elliotte Rusty Harold